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VHM Audit is an audit-only firm that focuses on executing financial audits.

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Our services

VHM Audit offers a variety of financial services.

Statutory audit of financial statements

Every company is required to prepare financial statements. In certain cases, the company is required by law to have an audit performed.

Voluntary audit of financial statements

In addition to the statutory audits, VHM Audit also performs voluntary audits for many companies that do not (yet) have a statutory obligation. 

Review of financial statements

If your company is not subject to a statutory audit and a voluntary audit does not provide the desired added value, an assessment assignment can be a good alternative.

Other assurance services

Our experience in auditing and reviewing financial statements comes in handy in any work that requires the examination of financial data and processes.


We are licensed by the Financial Markets Authority (AFM)

Why work with us?

VHM Audit works with fixed points of contact and audit teams. In addition, we strive for a good and long-lasting relationship with our clients and employees.

How did we come to be?

VHM Audit originated from vhm|abc, a full service accountants and consultancy firm with offices in Epe, Genemuiden and Veenendaal (all in the Netherlands).

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