VHM Audit is a member of IECnet, an international alliance of independent firms of accountants, tax advisors and consultants.



IECnet has over seventy members in sixty countries around the world.
Like VHM Audit, the partners of the IECnet offices are qualified professionals in their countries, with a strong focus on SMEs and medium-sized and large (family) businesses. 
To ensure the quality of service, IECnet regularly reviews the quality control systems of its member firms. IECnet is a full member of IFAC's Forum of Firms.

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Actively involved

VHM Audit is actively involved in IECnet and has been co-determining the alliance's policy for years.

Tobi Smit has held various positions on the IECnet board since 2007 and served as IECnet global president from 2016 to 2020. In 2021, he was named an honorary member of IECnet. Tobi Smit and Wilfred van der Werf-van Dijk represent VHM Audit at IECnet and liaise with international colleagues.


The informal atmosphere and medium size of the alliance helps develop strong mutual relationships. VHM Audit exchanges knowledge and experiences with other members through collaboration and in person meetings during international events.

Through years of involvement, VHM Audit knows its international colleagues very well. This provides benefits for the internationally operating clients of VHM Audit. When clients want to expand abroad, for example with an extra branch or a production location, VHM Audit brings them into contact with a good office that knows the ins and outs of the country concerned.

Doing business in the Netherlands

If you are interested in doing business in the Netherlands, are there a certain topics you need to take into account before starting to operate in the Netherlands. To get fully acknowledged by how it is possible to do business in the Netherlands there is an e-book which provides information about starting the business, subsidies and financing and tax legislation. 

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