About VHM

VHM Audit is an audit-only firm that focuses on performing financial audits.

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VHM Audit's mission is to unburden our clients in the area of audit and assurance so they can focus on their core business.


VHM Audit seeks to realize its mission by consistently completing its engagements with clients with the help of committed employees who work to the quality standards that VHM Audit applies at a fixed, fair price.

VHM Audit works as much as possible with fixed points of contact and audit teams and pursues long-term relationships with clients and employees.

Culture of the organization

VHM Audit strives for a healthy balance between work, study and private life. Overtime is not encouraged and in practice is the exception rather than the rule.

Contact between our management and our employees is informal, but the execution of work and the contact with clients is professional.

VHM Audit wants to be an organization where employees are constantly learning and challenged. VHM Audit thus keeps its services up-to-date and at a high-quality level whilst ensuring that its employees have a pleasant work environment and a promising future.

VHM Audit considers it important that its employees are given the opportunity to work for social purposes.


Clients and society should be able to rely on the quality and professionalism of our services. VHM Audit has the ambition to excel in its services by continuously investing in the training of its employees, its systems and its processes. VHM Audit values its internal quality control system with which the quality of service is monitored closely.

Our team

VHM Audit PF Tobi 2210

Tobi Smit


VHM Audit PF Wilfred 2210

Wilfred van der Werf-van Dijk


VHM Audit PF Sebastiaan 2210

Sebastiaan Alting


VHM Audit PF Patrick Seijerlin 2210

Patrick Seijerlin-Volkers


VHM Audit PF Robin vd Berg 2210

Robin van den Berg


VHM Audit PF Omar Nasery 2210

Omar Nasery

Senior assistant

VHM Audit PF Sanne vd Ziel 2210

Sanne van der Ziel

Senior assistant

VHM Audit PF Lisa Polinder 2210

Lisa Polinder

Senior assistant

VHM Audit PF Thyago Talen 2210

Thyago Talen

Junior assistant

VHM Audit PF Rombout Westra 2210

Rombout Westra

Junior assistant

VHM Audit PF Johan 2211

Johan Holtland

Junior assistant

VHM Audit PF Wesley 2306

Wesley de Vries

Junior assistant

VHM Audit PF Julien Derksen

Juliën Derksen

Junior assistant

VHM Audit PF Anoniem Icoon

Glenn van Beekum


VHM Audit PF Anoniem Icoon

Nelrickson Martina


Our Services

VHM Audit offers the following audit related services.

Statutory audit of financial statements

Every company is required to prepare financial statements. In certain cases, the company is required by law to have an audit performed.

Voluntary audit of financial statements

In addition to the statutory audits, VHM Audit also performs voluntary audits for many companies that do not (yet) have a statutory obligation. 

Review of financial statements

If your company is not subject to a statutory audit and a voluntary audit does not provide the desired added value, an assessment assignment can be a good alternative.

Other assurance services

Our experience in auditing and reviewing financial statements comes in handy in any work that requires the examination of financial data and processes.