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Voluntary audit of financial statements


In addition to the statutory audit, VHM Audit also performs a voluntary audit for many companies that do not (yet) have a statutory obligation. A voluntary audit has the same level of scrutiny as a statutory audit and leads to an audit report with the same level of assurance.

Having VHM Audit perform a voluntary audit of the annual accounts can be of added value in many cases. For example, when you want to be able to assure third parties, such as a financier, the bank, a grantor or benefactors.

Especially when your board functions remotely, for example through a Supervisory Board, an audit of the financial statements is essential as an external check of the financial management and processes within your organization. The audit attests to a professional business relationship between the board and management and assesses the internal control of the processes.

Other services

Statutory audit of financial statements

Every company is required to prepare financial statements. In certain cases, the company is required by law to have an audit performed.

Review of financial statements

If your company is not subject to a statutory audit and a voluntary audit does not provide the desired added value, an assessment assignment can be a good alternative.

Other assurance services

Our experience in auditing and reviewing financial statements comes in handy in any work that requires the examination of financial data and processes.