Junior assistent accountant


Junior assistant accountant




VHM Audit is always looking for new colleagues to work with the team to improve our services to clients, this means we are currently looking for a starting assistant accountant.

VHM Audit performs statutory and voluntary audits and assurance engagements mainly for medium and large organizations. VHM Audit is located in Epe. Our clients are located in and around the Veluwe and beyond. We serve clients with different typologies and industries, so we can keep your job as diverse as possible. You will be part of a team with starting and experienced professionals. As a team, we value an informal and healthy working atmosphere and a good work-life balance.

VHM Audit is a young, enthusiastic and energetic team. For example, we exercise with the team almost every month, we regularly go out for lunch and dinner. We carpool regularly and if time permits there is always room at the office to play darts against your fanatical colleagues.

Job Description

In the position of beginning assistant accountant at VHM Audit, you will become an indispensable link in the audit team. As a starting assistant, you will acquire skills in the field of audit and assurance work under the supervision of a young, enthusiastic and experienced team. You and your colleagues will be responsible for preparing and performing regular and occasional audits for your clients. This not only concerns annual audits, but also any special audit and assurance assignments. During the execution of the work, you will receive personal and professional guidance to continue to develop yourself. The work and supervision take place at clients' premises, at the office and also remotely if you work from home.

This is what we are looking for

The ideal candidate for this challenging and versatile position is a driven assistant accountant who is ready to make the move to a nice office with exciting clients and challenging assignments. You can simply enjoy working and developing yourself here. You do not have to worry about office politics, career or 'up or out'. Furthermore, you recognize yourself in the following profile:
  • You are studying at the university or college level in a relevant field (accountancy, business economics) and would like to make a start in your career alongside your studies;

  • Experience is not necessary, but always welcome;

  • You are driven, service-oriented, critical, quality-oriented and have integrity;

  • You are motivated by variety, customer contact and personal development;

  • You have excellent communication and social skills;

  • You fit within the team.

  • For the last job requirement, we invite you to visit us at the office for a first acquaintance.

What we offer

At VHM Audit we find it important that our employees are rewarded fairly and well. We can offer the following with this position:

  • Market conforming primary benefits;

  • Mobility allowance for commuting and to customers;

  • Study costs are reimbursed 100%. You will also continue to be paid on study days. There is an obligation to repay course fees and training fees in the event of early termination of employment;

  • Study and examination leave for the day prior to the exam and the day of the exam;

  • Company resources to enable you to perform your work properly;

  • Homeworking allowance to promote working from home;

  • Monthly allowance for sports-related subscriptions;

  • Profit-sharing scheme;

  • Healthy work environment and a good work-life balance. We think it is important that working also gives you energy.

Would you like to join VHM, or would you like to know more about this vacancy? Please contact Tobi Smit at 06 2292 3069 or Tobi.Smit@vhmaudit.nl.