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Tuesday 17 May

Changes VHM


Structure changes

Since the end of 2020, VHM Audit has been split off from vhm accountants and tax advisors. We have chosen to do so to respond to current and future changes in the accountancy profession, including being able to continue to operate independently and clarifying the separation between audit, compilation, administrative services and advice.

For the execution of non-assurance assignments, VHM Audit still works closely with vhm accountants and tax advisors in Epe, Genemuiden and Veenendaal. This includes keeping accounts, preparing financial statements, filing tax returns, and performing tax and other advisory work. As of 2020 T.B. (Tobi) Smit RA was the sole shareholder of VHM Audit.

To ensure the quality and continuity of the services of VHM Audit, Sebastiaan Alting and Wilfred van der Werf-van Dijk joined as shareholders on January 1, 2022. Together with Tobi, they will form the management team of VHM Audit for the coming years.

The goal for the coming years is to further grow as an audit-only firm through existing collaborations and by seeking new partnerships.

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New corporate identity

Because VHM Audit split off, it was time for a new look. Our corporate identity, logos, imagery and expressions have been revamped and are a perfect fit for our team. Why? VHM Audit consists of a fresh, ambitious and enthusiastic team which is evident from the pictures on our website. We have been supported, inspired and surprised by marketing agency Brainpink. We want to thank Brainpink for the wonderful result.

New website

Besides having a new corporate identity, it was also time for a new website. On the website, VHM Audit gives attention to its employees and who VHM Audit is, how we work, what services we provide, the experiences of clients and much more. Because VHM Audit is internationally orientated, so the new website also showcases the international network that we are a member of, IECnet. Furthermore, the images are renewed and updated.

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